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Gujarat State Std 6th and 8th school opening date announced

Gujarat Government Announced School Opening Date. The issue of starting schools was long debated during the Corona period. Then the government has now come to a definite decision. In schools std. 6th to 8th class start date has come. Schools will start from February 18. However, the government had already given indications. Along with this, instructions have also been given to the primary school teachers. All teachers are instructed to attend. 

Gujarat State Std 6th and 8th school opening date announced

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Gujarat State Std 6th and 8th school opening date announced

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A letter of consent from the parents is required

Parents' consent will be required with the commencement of schools. The student can come to the school only after the approval of the parents. However, the government has not made it mandatory to attend. Students can come to school voluntarily. Along with this, schools will also have to strictly follow the SOP.

Education Secretary Vinod Rao shared this information

Education Secretary Vinod Rao informed about the rules made by the government before starting schools. The student will voluntarily attend school. A letter of consent must be given by their parents. With students who do not want to come to school. An online education system has also been started for them.

However, all schools must adhere to Corona's guidelines. Online education will also continue through the school. And social distance in the classroom, masks must be worn. However, earlier the government had shown readiness to start schools. There were also protests by several guardians during that time. However, now schools are being started slowly. So on the other hand colleges are also starting with social distance. Students are also returning to colleges like Gujarat Vidyapeeth. So hostels have also been started in colleges.

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