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Bicycle Subsidy Scheme 2020

Gujarat Government Schemes 2020 : The Gujarat Government has launched a 'Cycle Subsidy Scheme' to facilitate the transportation of workers in the state. In addition to the total of the state. 

Bicycle Subsidy Scheme 2020

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Bicycle Subsidy Scheme 2020

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A total of 9836 laborers and families of the state have also been given various assistance of Rs. 2 crore 32 lakhs. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani launched e-Dedication of Labor Welfare Center buildings constructed at a total cost of Rs 4.59 crore in Ahmedabad and Vadodara as well as launched 3 mobile vans and mobile app for health check-up of workers with a grant of Rs 35 lakh from Indian Oil Corporation under CSR.

Various assistance of Rs. 2 crore 32 lakhs was given to 9836 laborers and families

3 mobile vans and mobile app launched for health check of workers

More than 33 lakh assistance was given to 1708 workers

Vijay Bhai Rupani told that the workers of the state do not worry about bread and butter for their stomachs, but do their job with the responsibility of economic, industrial and all-round development of the nation-state. Vijaybhai Rupani paid Rs. 4.59 lakh To her heirs in case of accidental death of workers in the state. It also introduced a "Cycle Subsidy Scheme" for easy transportation of workers from their homes to the place of work, including a Rs. 1 lakh labor accident death assistance scheme. Under this scheme, the state government has provided Rs. 1500 will help. He gave assistance of 33 lakh 30 thousand to 1708 such workers.

100 children of laborers were honored

Rupani said the state government has successfully crossed the largest post-independence migration by providing more than 10,000 trains and more than 2,000 buses to such workers to fulfill their desire to return to their homeland once and for all. These workers are also returning and re-joining the re-industry and trade and to win the war against Korona with the speed of development works, "Harshe Korona - Jitshe Gujarat". Virtual honors were given to about 100 children of laborers who have successfully secured competitive jobs and got government jobs.