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Lockdown 4.0: Central government extends lockdown across the country till May 31

The central government has extended the lockdown across the country till May 31, i.e. for two weeks. That is, the lockdown will still be implemented across the country for the next 14 days. However, the guideline on Lockdown-4 has not been released yet. The Union Home Ministry will soon issue new guidelines on Lockdown-4. It may be mentioned that the government is likely to give more concessions in Lockdown-4. Public transport and restaurants and shopping malls can also be reopened with certain conditions.
Lockdown extended until May 31
In a letter issued by the Maharashtra government, it is necessary to increase the lockdown in view of the state of Kovid-19 infection in the state, so the state government has decided to extend the lockdown till midnight on May 31. According to the state government, all departments of the Maharashtra government will abide by all the guidelines given to implement the lockdown effectively and strictly. The Maharashtra government has announced Lockdown-4. Today is the last day of Lockdown 3. The central government is going to announce the rules of lockdown-4 today. Already, the Maharashtra government has extended the lockdown till May 31. The Maharashtra Relief and Rehabilitation Department has released a letter in this regard.

As the transmission of corona virus is becoming more widespread in the country, the central government has announced to extend the current nationwide lockdown for another two weeks, i.e. till May 31. A circular issued by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to the states and union territories on Sunday said the lockdown would continue across the country till May 31 to curb the spread of the corona virus. Was performed. The Union Home Secretary said in his circular that all Union Ministries, Government of India Departments, State and Union Territories Governments and authorities would have to strictly abide by the guidelines issued in the guideline to prevent the spread of Corona virus by May 31.
The Central Government has given the right to determine the boundaries of Red, Orange, Green and Containment Zones to the State and Union Territories. The red and orange zones, containment and buffer zones will be decided by the district authorities as per the guidelines of the Union Home Ministry. All activities except prohibited are allowed in Lockdown 2.0. However, essential and essential services will continue in the containment zone. In addition, States and Union Territories may decide to ban certain types of activities in different zones based on a review of the situation.

The Home Ministry said the night curfew from 6 pm to 8 am would not allow any activity other than essential services and no one would be allowed to leave. Local authorities will be able to issue orders in the entire area of ​​their jurisdiction under legal provisions.

The Home Ministry said that no state or union territory can relax the guideline issued by the Center. All District Magistrates will have to strictly abide by it.

What will continue
- Domestic medical flight, air ambulance, flight for security purposes
- Online classes and distance learning services will continue
- Stuck persons, including police, health and government employees, tourists, hotels allowed for quarantine facility
- The canteen at the bus stand, railway station and airport can be turned on
- The sports complex and stadium were allowed to open without spectators
- Permission for home delivery, e-commerce service of food items of restaurants
- Only medical emergency, essential goods and services in the containment zone

What will be closed
- Ban on domestic and international passenger flights, metro rail services
- Schools-colleges, training-coaching institutes will be closed
- Hotel-restaurant, bar and other hospitality services will be banned
- Cinema Hall, Shopping Mall, Gym, Swimming Pool, Entertainment Park, Theater
- The ban will continue on auditoriums, assembly halls and similar venues
- All social, political, sports, entertainment, educational, cultural, religious ceremonies
- All places of worship and places of worship will be closed to the public. Strict ban on religious gatherings will continue.
Permitted activities in areas other than the containment zone
- Interstate Movement of Tourist Vehicles and Buses with Mutual Approval of States and Union Territories
- Movement of tourist vehicles and buses within the state as decided by the States and UT
- To repatriate foreign nationals from India
- To repatriate workers stuck in the states
- Movement of stuck pilgrims, travelers, students
- Permission for repatriation of Indians stranded abroad

Strict restrictions will continue in the containment zone
- Only essential activities will be allowed
- Strict measures will be taken to prevent movement of people in the zone
- Extensive contact tracing, house-to-house surveillance and clinical examination will be conducted in the zone.
- Who is allowed within the state and inter-state movement
- Medical Professional, Nurse, Paramedical Staff, Sanitation Personnel, Ambulance
- Vehicles carrying all kinds of goods, empty trucks
- Transfer of goods under treaties with neighboring countries
- Movement of migrant workers, students, tourists

Ordered the elderly, children, critically ill patients and pregnant women to stay at home
The central government has ordered elderly people above 5 years of age, children under 10 years of age and pregnant women to stay at home during lockdown 3.0. People with serious illnesses, including heart disease and cancer, are also urged to stay at home, the government said. They should only leave the house if it is absolutely necessary or if there is a medical reason.

Employers should ensure the use of health bridge among employees: Home Ministry
The health bridge app warns of the potential risk of corona infection, the home ministry said. It protects the individual and the community from corona infection. Employers must ensure that healthcare is downloaded by all employees to maintain safety in the office and workplace. District authority person

Guidelines for offices, offices, factories, markets, shops
- Follow the work from home method until done
- Working hours in offices, workplaces, shops, markets, industrial and commercial establishments
- Mandatory thermal scanning, hand wash and sanitizer at all common areas and exit points
- The workplace is frequently sanitized
- Adherence to social distance by each employee, proper distance between two shifts, simultaneous lunch time to staff

National Guide to Preventing Covid-12
- It is mandatory to wear a face mask in public and at work
- Those who spit in public places and at work will be fined
- Social distance should be observed in public places and transport
- Social distance in marriage, not allowed to more than 50 people
- No more than 50 people with social distance allowed in the final action
- Prohibition on the use of alcohol, leaves, gutkha, tobacco in public places
- Shopkeepers must maintain a distance of 3 feet between two customers
- Continue work-from-home practice until done
- E-commerce allowed in all zones except containment

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