This way you can keep an eye on the other person's WhatsApp

This way you can keep an eye on the other person's WhatsApp 

WhatsApp has become very popular because of its fast and secure communication. It has many features that people love. Fast messaging is very special, but other than that, the tick on the message go, the double tick when it arrives and the blue tick after reading. However if you want this app has a feature by which you can hide the Blue Tick and people take advantage of it as well. 

Often people delete what is called a read receipt and pretend not to read the message. But you can catch such excuses in minutes. You can find all this information when it was online and how long it was online. It can be said that you can penetrate other people's WhatsApp.

There is a trick through which you will get a notification when another person came online. The most important thing is that you do not have to do anything in another person's phone, but by downloading an app to your own phone you can get information about that person's WhatsApp.

When it came online and when it went offline. For all these things, you should only have that person's number. Also the good thing about this application is that you can track multiple numbers at once. So let's know about that trick.

How to do another person's WhatsApp check
To see someone else's WhatsApp status you first need to install the WhatLogin: online last seen application in your phone. After install, open it. The first thing you need to do is tell you about your country. That means you have to select the country number and the one you want to search. Below that you have to enter the number you want to search. 
Then you will get the option of Tri Free. There is also a paid version which has some additional features. But first you check in for free so that you know how useful it is to you. Along with that, a window will open and from there you can see that sometimes the person is online on WhatsApp. Not only that, but when it goes online you will also get a notification. It also has the option to add several profiles at once. An accompanying chart of login alerts becomes available in the app, as you can see.

If you want to delete a profile, you also have the option. Where that number comes from, there will also be a Cancel button. Clicking on it will delete the number. However, let me tell you that you need to spend at least 5 minutes to delete the number.

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