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Smartphone lights are detrimental to our health

Nowadays every smartphone is used. Smartphone usage is increasing day by day in such a busy life. All connect and update with each other on these small devices. Not only this but it has become a medium of entertainment. It is also used for shopping, movie tickets, flight tickets and study. 
Not every home has more smart phones than there is a man. Life without a smartphone these days is incomplete. This has become a necessity as well as a habit. There are many benefits to using a smartphone. But there are also some disadvantages to this trusted device itself. If you have been using your smartphone for a long time then it is also important to know how much damage the lights produce on it. And if a lot of illnesses come, we will tell you today how much damage a smartphone has to the light and how harmful it is to health.

How the lights on a smartphone are harmful to health
Our body naturally follows a cycle. Which alert us to stay awake during the day. And helps us to relax at night. But when we go to sleep we want this screen. So it confuses the brain. At night the brain produces melatonin hormones that prompt us to sleep. But that is the light that comes with using a smartphone at that time. Brainy they can't. Causing a variety of health problems.

  • If you do not get enough sleep, neuro-toxin can build up which makes it difficult to get good sleep and it causes an illness called insomnia.
  • Smart phones make night sleep worse, and it does not work the next day. The brain does not work well and fatigue is felt.
  • While melatonin hormones do not work well because of the light from the smart phone, it also affects other hormones that do not control appetite properly. Potentially the risk of overdose increases.
  • Depressing your sleep schedule can also affect the anxiety of confusing headaches and your memory.
  • One research suggests that the smartphone has ten times more bacteria than the toilet. So think about how often you use your phone while eating and how many bacteria go into your body through your hands.
  • Due to the illumination of the smartphone, melatonin hormone does not work well when people suffer from depression.
  • There is a correlation between light and sleep caused by smartphones, which makes women more prone to prostate and breast cancer.
  • Blue light on a smartphone also causes eye-related cataracts. The blue light falling directly over the eyes damages the retina. In addition, many people have a habit of using smartphones in the dark. Which can have a bad effect on your eyes.
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