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Should you sit and urinate? Stimulus response is required

In many countries, in many cultures, children are taught that boys stand and urinate while girls sit and urinate. But now health departments in many countries are raising questions about this widely spread and natural perception. How should men urinate? This question is always asked about health and hygiene, and for some it is a matter of equal rights. So who is right? And the most important question is, which method is appropriate for men?
There is no easier way for most men to stand and urinate. It gets done quickly and is also a practical way. Have you ever seen a line outside public handbags for men? In fact, rarely have you ever seen a line there. The male goes in and comes out in a short time. There are two reasons behind this immediate process.

Men can urinate immediately because they do not have to remove all clothing to do so.

Because men's urinals hold less space compared to cubicles. This is why most men can urinate in less space if they feel urine.

But many experts say that how the body is positioned at the time of urination, it only affects the exit urine.

The science behind urinating
The kidneys separate the wastes from our blood. Then the urine bladder accumulates in a bag. Because of this, we often avoid going to the urine, sleep comfortably at night, and work during the day. Usually, the bladder can collect urine from 300 to 5 meters. But when those two thirds are full, we feel the need to urinate. It is very important for our nervous system to be properly emptied of the bladder completely. Because this system tells us when to go to the toilet and how much urine we can withhold until there is no room around.

When we reach a position to urinate, our pelvic floor muscles and circular muscles surrounding the urethra expand. Then our bladder shrinks and empties the urine into the urethra. This is how the urine gets out of the body.

Sitting or standing right?
A healthy person should not need urine to urinate. But often men have a stable or temporary condition that they may have difficulty in urinating. One scientific study says that it may be beneficial for men to sit and urinate if they have swelling in the prostate and are suffering from it.

How to make the right decision for yourself
In Britain, the National Health Service advises men who have difficulty urinating, sit comfortably in a good place to urinate. You may have also heard that sitting and urinating does not cause prostate cancer and improves men's sex life. There is no fact in these stories because there is no proof and no study is available.

The harassment caused by men

When men urinate while standing, the risk of spreading around is increased, which is not considered good in terms of hygiene. It is very bad to have this type of condition where the toilet is used by others. That is why it is now emphasized that men should sit and urinate.

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