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Online Education TV channel List gujarat

Online Education TV channel List gujarat
Online Education TV channel List gujarat

CM Roopani has made a student-oriented decision. It has been decided that the study will be conducted through Gujarati regional TV channels, in order to prevent the children from studying. Revisions of important topics will be repeated. Students will be able to revisit topics at home.  
Introducing the new academic session to begin in June or July instead of April
While the counting days for the annual exams are still pending in the schools from 1 to 8 and 9-11 in the state, all the schools in the state have been closed for 14 days due to the corona. Due to which the new session also starts late. Following this, the State Board of Directors of Gujarat State School, Mahamandal, has decided to introduce today the mass promotion from Std.

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It was decided to close the educational institution April 2
The Uttar Pradesh government has made a big decision because of the corona virus. All students up to grade 8 will be allowed to go to the next standard without exams. The circular has been issued by UP Chief Secretary Renuka Kumar. The Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday canceled all the state exams. It has been decided to close the educational institution April 2. 
Pass without examination
It was decided in the meeting of the Board of Directors of the school that, in view of the coronary virus and the ensuing potential impact, if required, given the mass promotion to the students of Std. Introduction to the Government.

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