Government Announce Special Package For Corona Fight

A 21-day lockdown has been announced in the country following the Corona virus. The lockdown is causing the country's economy to suffer the biggest loss. Meanwhile, Nirmala Sitaram has announced a Rs 1.70 lakh crore package to prevent corona. The biggest announcement has been made by the government following the Kora epidemic. Currently, Anurag Thakur and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman are holding a press conference. Government announces Rs 5 lakh insurance for health workers fighting corona virus Which will benefit 2 million employees. The relief package has announced plans for the poor along with the farmers.

- Finance Minister Sitharaman says Corona commandos who are fighting this war will be given insurance cover of Rs 15 lakh.

- 80 million people will be food available. Each person will be given 5 kg grains separately for free.

- The government will help the poor in both food and wealth.

- For the next three months, 80 crore poor will get 5 kg ration (wheat or rice). Also, each household will be given one kilogram of their choice.

- svasthyakarmiono thanked the minister announced a sum of Rs 50 lakh for his life.

- Under the celebrated scheme, 8 crore BPL families will get free cylinder for three months.

- An estimated Rs 20 crore will be given to women in the account for the next three months at Rs 500 a month The amount will go directly to the public account.

- 1000 rupees will be given to the elderly, widows and the disabled. This will be for the next three months. This will be given in two parts. Direct benefits will be transferred to the people in this category. The initiative will benefit about 30 million people.

- The amount of incoming workers under MNREGA has been increased. He was getting 182 rupees for every day before, which has been increased to 202 rupees. It is expected to benefit 5 crore families.

- We have urged the state governments to use the District Mineral Fund for medical screening, testing activities, awareness of Corona, among other things, the finance minister said.

- For construction workers their welfare fund is 31 thousand crore and there is 3.5 crore labor. Government emergency help them, said the state governments, is currently in lockdown mode, we can use the money that the state government would give them an advantage.

- For the organized sector employees and an organization where there are less than 100 employees or an organization where 90 per cent of the employee's salary is less than 15000, 12 per cent of their EPF employees who were paid and 12 per cent of employers were paid by the government for the next three months.

- 7 crore families will benefit under the Women's Self-Help Group under the PM Poor Welfare Scheme. Under Deen Dayal National Rural Scheme, the bail-free loan will be doubled to Rs 20 lakh. It will benefit 63 lakh people.

- The government will pay an installment of Rs.2,000 in advance in the first week of April under the Prime Minister Kisan Yojana.

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