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Use this home remedy to make the lips soft and pink

Some girls' lips turn black over time. The lip color turns black due to excessive coffee, tea or smoking habits. But you do not have to worry because with some home remedies, the black lips become soft and pink again.
Your habits are not solely responsible for the lip blackness. Sometimes, your lips turn black even after prolonged exposure. If someone's health is not good and the body lacks blood, then the lips turn black. But the problem can be overcome with the use of lemon.

Using citrus acid-rich lemon peel can reduce the effect of melanin. Separate it by taking lemon juice every night before going to bed, and then massage it gently on the lips with a peel. Wash with water the next morning. By continuing this process, your lips soon become soft and pink

Cream and beat
Mix one teaspoon of beet juice in a teaspoon of cream and massage it on the lips. Let it remain for ten minutes and then rinse. Doing so makes your lips soft and pink

Aloevara Prison
Apply the aloe vera gel to the lips before bedtime and after drying, rinse it with lukewarm water. It is better to use fresh aloe vera gel to do this procedure. It softens your lips.

Turmeric can not only improve the face but can also be used to remove the blackness of the lips. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric milk to it and make a thick paste and apply it well on the lips. After ten minutes, rinse with fresh water. This removes the blackness of your lips.

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