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If you want to be healthy then never eat after eating

If you want to be healthy then never eat after eating
At meal times, we make many mistakes that are detrimental to our health. According to doctors, food should always be eaten at the right time and should never kill your appetite. The following should be taken into account after eating the food
Don't drink water
Do not drink water during meals and immediately after meals. In fact, many people have a habit of drinking water while eating. While some people drink water soon after meals, which is detrimental to health. According to doctors, one should not drink water at the time of taking the food and immediately after eating it. Always drink water at least half an hour after meals. Even so, cold water should never be drunk. Drinking cold water disrupts digestion. So always drink fresh water after eating.

Avoid tea or coffee
Many people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee after a meal. Which is not considered appropriate. According to doctors, drinking tea or coffee immediately destroys the iron in the diet and leaves the body with no protein.

Do not sleep immediately after meals
After lunch you should not sleep at all. Always walk for a while after eating and at least half an hour later. Sleeping immediately after taking a meal does not digest the food properly and increases the likelihood of stomach upset. Not only this, many people's stomachs also swell. So one should not sleep immediately after eating food.

Do not drink juice
Drinking juice after meals is not considered appropriate and in doing so disrupts the digestive process. Therefore, it should not be consumed immediately after meals. It is always advisable to drink juice at least two hours after taking it.

Do not smoke
Many people smoke after eating, which affects their health. Never smoke or drink alcohol after meals.

One should not eat cold or hot together

Never eat cold or hot things while eating. Many people drink milk after eating yogurt, which is not considered appropriate. Drinking yogurt and milk together causes stomach ache. Likewise, do not drink yogurt, milk, tea or coffee over cheese.

Don't sit
After eating, people immediately sit in their chairs and start working. According to the doctor, one should not sit on a chair immediately after a meal. Always walk for at least 5 minutes after meals and then sit back in the chair and work.

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