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Do this, propose to a young woman, you can never say no

If you like a young woman but are afraid to tell her, today we will tell you ways to propose to the girl, then the girl will never be able to do it to you. It is often seen that youths are in a hurry.
Within a couple of days of meeting the girl, he proposes. 
Such a mistake should never be made. 
You should always propose to the girl only after some time. 
Somebody has appropriately said that "rushing in adoration isn't right". So kindly don't hustle in adoration. 
Also befriend her friends :
A young woman needs to do some homework on her before she proposes. 
Such as what she likes, what she does not like, what her nature is, where she lives and so on. 
Make friends with his friends to collect all this information and get all his information from them in a talk.

Girls love surprises :
It is always important to remember that young women prefer surprises. 
Take the girl to her favorite place before proposing. We advise you to take it to a romantic dinner. 
Organizing a candle light dinner if possible. Doing so will make the young woman realize that you have a special filling in her heart. Every girl loves to be special.

Sitting on her knees on this dinner date and proposing to the girl. The young lady will be happy with your style and will quickly say yes. You can do this in your home terrace or balcony if you wish. This will save you expenses as well as the natural environment. Due to which the young women are very quickly imprinted.

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