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This is the best time to bath

This is the time to bath
There is a very large chapter in Ayurveda called Dynacharya. The daily chapter contains all the rules of what to do in the morning to get up in bed. According to the daily chapter, the best time to shower is always in the morning. There is a way to get up so that we have to get up around 4: 3 every morning. And then the bath time is from 6 to 6: 3. So we should always get up early in the morning and take a bath during the period from 6 to 6: 30. This experiment is really good in the summer but we have a question as to why we should bathe this time in the winter morning. Then we should do it at our convenience. Best to stay
Bathing should always be done in the morning. It has a very good effect on both physical and mental things. We'll know more about how it happens next. Thus, even bathing is done in the evening but it is for the patients. There are also some special ailments for which evening baths are very useful. But for ordinary people, a morning bath is very beneficial.

We are also often asked the question whether to bathe in hot water or bath with cold water. In Ayurveda it is said that one should never bathe with hot water. Should drink warm water. But cold water should always be used in the bath. Cold means bathing should be done with normal temperature water. Bathing with cold water gives our body health.

We should only use hot water if we have any major compulsions such as when we have a fever and want to shower. But if our body is healthy then we should never bathe with hot water or else even if there is no illness.

In Ayurveda, a source very strictly states, "Be prepared if hot water is poured over your head. 123 Disease enters our lives." It can also lead to mental illness and physical illness. That is why hot water should never be applied over the head. Thus, bathing with warm water should not be done. But if our hearts do not believe, the body does not believe and bad habits have fallen, or if we have become used to bathing with hot water then we should decide that hot water goes to any part of our body but should not fall on our head. The cold plain water must be taken to put on the brain. And hot water should never be left on the eye.

If you want to keep your health healthy, always take a bath with cold water to keep your health healthy throughout life.

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