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The body gives such symptoms before diabetes

Most people seem to think that people who have diabetes or those who are eating excessively high levels of sugar in their body. But that is absolutely wrong. High blood sugar can be a problem for anyone. And most importantly, we don't even know it.
If the amount of sugar in the body increases, it makes our body cough deep inside. Which has a direct impact on our body's internal organs, veins, and body energy levels. When our bodies are confused with small to large, our body wants to show us about that illness in different ways. If we know about that disease in time through those signs, we can prevent that serious illness. So today we will know some of the symptoms that show up in our body when sugar is high.

Some symptoms show that we have diabetes. And we should immediately go to the doctor, noting that symptom.

Frequent appetite
If we have eaten and still have frequent hunger, it may be that our body has only increased sugar. High blood sugar prevents the body's cells from reaching the body, causing our body to not have enough energy. And he often likes to eat. If this happens to us too, then we should reduce the intake of our daily diet. Cold drinks should be minimized and tea and coffee should be completely discontinued. Doing just that will result in good results very quickly.

To be tired
If you wake up in the morning feeling tired or exhausted by the end of the day, it also shows the symptoms of increased sugar in our body. Because when the sugar is only increased in the body, our body cannot consume the full amount of energy and our cells do not get the necessary nutrition which causes our body to feel tired without any reason. If we cannot stop eating gluten together then honey should be used instead of sugar.

Frequent urination
When sugar levels increase in the body, it also affects our kidneys. Being High Blood Sugar, our kidneys cannot tolerate the liquid, ie, Liquid. And our body cannot digest sugar. Because of the fluid in the body, we begin to urinate sooner. To cure this problem, things like ice cream should be stopped.

Dry mouth and thirsty
Frequent dryness of the mouth and frequent thirst and sore throat reduces fluid deficiency in the body. The main reason for this is the increased amount of sugar in the body. Although thirsty, it is impossible not to drink water. But many people are thirsty for different sweet things. This makes the problem worse. When you are thirsty, you should always drink plain water. And to make it good, one also has to get lemon juice in it.

Lose weight
Because glucose levels are high in the body, our weight starts to drop rapidly. Then, no matter how heavy or high-calorie foods we eat, weight begins to drop. There are many reasons behind this. The body begins to become thinner due to the low amount of water in the body. Fat in the body starts to decrease with jaundice as the amount of insulation is low. And due to excess urine, our body releases essential nutrients.

High blood sugar increases the likelihood of urinary tract infection in both men and women. Such infections are most common in women. Increases the amount of sugar in the body and increases the bacteria in the body. This causes rapid infection on our genitals. To avoid this problem, sugar should be consumed in small quantities and it should be stopped completely for seven to eight days. Doing so will automatically reduce your eating habits.

Dry Skin
Did you know that dry skin is a direct correlation of dry skin with high blood sugar? This is because the sugar level is high due to the amount of water in the body is decreasing. Which makes our skin feel dry. And excess sugar damages the nerves and nerves of our body. What makes sweat in the body weakens the gland. This is why the skin feels dry.

Don't miss out
Thus our brain needs sugar to function well. But when sugar levels are high, glucose does not reach our brain well enough to make our brain power weak. Which directly affects our thinking ability and decision making.

Eye weakness
The appearance of excessive fading is also due to increased sugar and lack of water. And it also affects our eyes a lot on cells. This weakens the focus that the eyes have.

The wounds of the hour slowly get better
If we notice that something is wrong with our body, it often feels like it is full of wounds. It also shows that our body has only increased sugar. High blood sugar causes our blood circulation to weaken. And our cells are depleted of nutrients. It may take longer than usual to feel good on a limb where we are feeling it.

Increasing sugar in blood can also increase our body's impotence. Healthy sex life requires blood circulation in the body and strengthening the veins and maintaining the balance of hormones. Increased sugar in the body has a very bad effect on all these things.

Even screaming
Richers have found that people who have high levels of sugar are more irritable and have less patience. Our brain needs a balanced supply of glucose. This is why glucose deficiency occurs in our body whenever our body is deficient. So it has a huge impact on our minds. Due to this we become more tense and irritable.

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