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Never eat with milk These things can cause serious and terrible illnesses

Never eat with milk These things can cause serious and terrible illnesses
Friends People who eat a balanced diet are always healthy. Eating different things gives our body different nutrients. Our bodies need different nutrients. What we eat on a daily basis also affects the body. As eating cucumber cools the body and eating spices produces heat in the body. But eating both of them together can cause many kinds of disease because the nature of cucumber is cool while the nature of the spice gives heat.

Often consuming different types of diets can cause many skin diseases. Which never goes well. And yes, in Ayurveda such a diet is called the opposite diet. That cannot be eaten together. There is some diet that goes against this diet and we eat it together because we have no idea about it or even eat for our taste.

Nowadays there are ailments that cause hair loss, skin diseases, acidity in the stomach, sluggishness in the body, etc. This is the opposite of eating a diet. People are eating a combination of these opposite diets to try something new or different or to enhance the taste and people do not even know that sometimes you have been exposed to these ailments. So today we will tell you about diet versus the one that will keep you from getting sick so please read through this article or you will get complete information.

Today we will tell you which foods to avoid with milk. Friends Milk is very important for health as milk contains all kinds of vitamins and this milk is available to all human needs. But with it, eating other foods that we will tell you may also be harmful. So let's know what diet to avoid with milk

You may be surprised to hear that friends should never eat bananas with milk first. Because we can only drink banana cheeses. Milk and bananas are both nutrient rich but should not be eaten together. Because the time for digestion of milk and bananas is different and if they both go into our stomach together then digestion process has become very obstructed. And eating bananas and milk every day slows down your digestion and worsens the liver, with no sleep at night and feeling lethargic all day.

If you also use a banana shake daily, don't, but sometimes you can have a banana shake. But if something that contains milk and bananas together, it should not be eaten daily.

The other is milk and raw onion. Milk and onion are considered enemies of each other. The milk and onion should be kept between six to seven hours between both. If both milk and raw onions get into the stomach simultaneously, I can have several types of skin diseases. Such as eczema, psoriasis, white spots, stains may occur so when we consume milk and raw onions, it is very important to keep a distance of two to four hours between them. Any digestion can be achieved within 3 to 4 hours, then eating nothing else can not be combined and you can be prevented from illnesses.

Third is friends milk and sour fruits. Keep the time between consuming both milk and sour fruits for 3 to 4 hours. Eating both of these together can cause a variety of stomach ailments. Illnesses such as abdominal pain, indigestion, inflammation of the stomach, loosening, etc. can occur. Therefore sour fruits like orange oranges should not be eaten with milk and the distance between the two should be 3 to 4 hours.

Then there are friends pineapple and milk. The interval between the two should be kept for 3 to 4 hours. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bermelin that mixes with milk and thereby slows down the body's ability to get nutrients from food. And secondly, if milk and pineapple are consumed for a long time together, your liver may get worse. Then your body will be weak even if you eat certain nutrients.

Then there are friends milk and salty. Milk and saline are also forbidden to be taken together in our scriptures. Eating both of these together can cause you to have several types of skin diseases. Thirty-thirty minutes should be required between milk and saline intake.

Friends, milk and meat, fish should not be consumed together. If consumed together, it can have a direct effect on your liver, as well as skin diseases. Therefore, it is important to avoid eating milk and meat and fish together, and keep between 8 and 10 hours between them.

You are the one who is consuming these milk whenever you are consuming milk, then it would be worthwhile to remind you again that we should not eat anything with milk Things like raw onion, sour fruits, meat, mutton, eggs, lemon, pineapple, bananas etc. should not be eaten with milk

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