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Doesn't the stomach get cleaned on time? Get hungry in the morning. This will work out to 5% of the body's disease

Friends Today we have come up with a very important information that will be very useful to everyone. The best and easiest way to cleanse our stomach in the morning is by adopting which cleanses our stomach in the morning and keeps our whole day happy. So let's know about that.
Did you know that 90% of all the hassles and illnesses that occur in the present time are due to not just having our stomach clean? That means that more than half of the illness spreads through our stomachs. But if it is kept clean, almost all of the physical problems of today's human beings are eliminated. Many people today suffer from stomach disorders due to a busy lifestyle and bad eating habits. Acute stomach ache, stomach ache and other complications such as stomach gas are one of the most complex problems that many people suffer from. And one of the most serious illnesses that can cause cancer is Kapha disease. If our stomach is not cleaned every day, then understand that one day we may have cancer.

Our stomach is not properly cleaned, which is very harmful to the body. It also causes stomach problems or inflammation.

Today we are going to tell you about home remedies for stomach cleansing. Today we will tell you about home remedies that will help you get rid of problems like indigestion. Today we will tell you one of the ways that you can thoroughly cleanse your stomach in the morning. The benefits of this will be very convincing.

1. In the morning, if we are starving in the morning with some warm warm water, our stomach is completely cleansed. But after drinking hot water it should last for a while. This causes the waste to accumulate in one place from all sides in our stomach and the stomach is simultaneously cleaned. It also removes the phlegm in our body.

2. Then there are the seeds of linseed. Lazy seeds contain high levels of protein and nutrients. That is why one tablespoon of laziness should be consumed with milk before going to bed at night. It cleanses the stomach in the morning. Consumption of citrus along with milk also keeps the stomach healthy.

3. The honey is to be mixed with a tablespoon of warm water before going to bed at night. In the morning, the stomach cleanses very well.

4. Castor oil is also considered as a cure for cleansing the stomach. In the morning, if you put a teaspoon of castor seeds in the water with honey, then your stomach is cleansed in the morning. And a glass of lukewarm warm water should be added to a glass of milk with a spoon of castor oil. It also cleanses the stomach in the morning.

5. Lemon juice, honey, sesame seeds. In the morning, mixing lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey, and some syrup in a glass of warm water, in the morning, also cleanses the stomach very easily and also breaks the cuff.

6. Coconut water. Coconut water also cleanses the stomach very well. If the coconut water is consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, the stomach is completely cleansed.

7. Lazy seeds and milk. If the lazy seeds are taken with warm milk at bedtime, the stomach is easily cleaned.

8. Mango powder. Lemon powder also eliminates stomach problems and indigestion problem. It is very beneficial to consume the mango powder every night before going to bed.

9. Green. Eating green also relieves problems like gas irritation but also cleanses the stomach. The ground should be consumed immediately afterwards, it exposes our digestive system and the food goes out soon afterwards so it can get out easily. And keeps the tummy clean at all.

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