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Body fat-lowering operations, good or bad?

Today, people are almost tired. But now people are undergoing bariatric surgery to get rid of it. But friends should tell you that bariatric surgery is attractive to us from the outside, but going forward, we face risks. Health experts say that if this surgery is done to lift the weight, for many years the patient will suffer from malnutrition or many other ailments and also suffer from physical problems.

Bariatric surgery means a weight loss operation. Often confronted with the problem of obesity or health problems related to obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol. So the people who are suffering from all these problems get this surgery.
There are many types of bariatric surgery. But usually the surgeon uses three three. Roux-en-Wii-gastric bypass, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding use three methods.

This surgery changes the structure of the gastrointestinal tract. Including the stomach and digestive tract. After this surgery, the person may feel less hungry. Due to which the amount of food in the body is reduced. Causing the weight to slowly decrease. It relieves a balanced life, nutrient intake and exercise. Exercise can be done in good quality only if exercised and it provides nutrients.
But having this surgery can have many side effects. Many problems like infection, asthma disorder, diarrhea, nutritional deficiency, stones, hernia, pregnancy problems for women and premature childbirth can occur after this surgery.

According to Faisal Mumtaz, senior consultant at the Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Indraprastha Hospital, Delhi, bariatric surgery or metabolic surgery is basically a weight loss surgery, a

Mumtaz told IANS, "This is a combination of inhibitors and low nutrients in the body reach the nutrition. Restricted bariatric surgery reduces abdominal shape. So that we can eat less food. Even if we eat a little, our stomach gets filled immediately.

Mumtaz goes on to say that after bariatric surgery, lifestyle changes are essential. It should include a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle. But there is no need to take any special precautions, but one thing to keep in mind is that exercise, exercise, should make healthy living a part of your daily routine. But friends should remove body fat from exercise and diet rather than bariatric surgery.

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