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Why married men look at other women despite his beautiful wife

Why married men look at other women despite his beautiful wife…. Every women should read special….

We see that many young people get married every year. Someone has to indulge in marriage one day. Except for some cases. So after marriage, most men and women are very closely connected with each other. But today we will tell you one exception. Which is considered a common practice today. A habit is common among men today. Even if a man is married, he still looks or looks at other women or girls. He is also often offended by this bad habit of men.

So friends today will tell you what is the reason for men to do so. Why does he look at other women despite his beautiful wife? Finally we will explain what women should do to prevent her husband from doing so. So today the matter has come out against the nature of men. So today we will tell you in this article the true reason behind doing so. Learn to end this article.
Friends Nowadays most men and humans have a tendency to get what they don't have. Whether it's money, a car, a house, a woman or a man. What is not there is a desire for what it is not. Friends There are some men who are always looking for beautiful, young and thin girls. If a man's wife living in such dreams has any merit, then the man's gaze starts to wander over to another woman or girl.

Friends are not all female virtues. That is why it is difficult for all the qualities to be in the wife of beauty. Often if a wife is beautiful, then there is a deficiency of some qualities, sometimes there is a lack of beauty if there are qualities. But that does not mean seeing another woman or girl with a lust.

Apart from this, some men have the habit that even after getting a wife, it is easy for any other woman or girl to feel like a baby. In any case she wants to join other women and there are efforts. Many men also have instinctive feelings toward women, and those men melt away very quickly from a woman's voice. So those men are looking at other women despite being a wife. Which has only instinct. There is no hope of an impasse.

Often men also look at women's dressing. Other women's dressing senses often seduce men. Men then want to look at their wife's dressing in the same way. Men look to another woman's dressing sensation and practice to give his wife a sedation too. In addition, men are also looking at what kind of jewelry, clothes are worn on women. So that he can decide what to give to his wife.

Often men also want when a man looks at another woman and his wife gets jealous. So men are happy with this and know how much his wife still loves him. In this way, men enjoy having their wives feel jealous. So they knowingly look at other women in the presence of their wives. Someone who is not looking at the lust but simply watching the reaction of the wife.

But friends nowadays are not just looking at all men but women. There are many men in society who want to have relationships with other women even though they are his wife. Such men are growing up in this society. Those men also keep their wives away from their affair with knowledge. So such men often stare at lust in front of women.

In many cases, it is also the case that the wife is often involved in some things. Because she is very worried about her husband, which is why she is consulting or rocking. But often other women support this. Due to which he is attracted to another woman. To such a man, I can understand how good this woman's nature is, when reality is different. No one can understand a husband more than a wife. But men think of their wives as a man. Which can put him in even bigger trouble ahead. So men should identify the qualities of their wives rather than looking for qualities in outside women.

Now the thing is, what should women do to prevent their husbands from doing so! Many women are very upset about this and even try to make it happen. But there are many men who do not find anything called contentment. And even if a woman does, men do not let their wives know that they are looking at another woman outside. That is why my husband is happy and happy with me. A woman should know her husband's needs and preferences in particular, what makes him or her enjoyable, what causes the other woman to look outside, the woman's dress, her nature, her beauty, that woman's smiling face and so on. If a woman takes care of all this, then maybe the husband is not attracted to another woman.

But friends now question how does it affect a wife when a man looks at women other than his wife? So friends, when a woman leaves her whole family, leaving everything that she has married to a man. But if a man has such habits, then no wife is ever liked. Because a wife never likes to take another woman against her husband. But when such married men stare at other women and report to their wives, they also try to attract the attention of their husbands.

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