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The lines on the head show the fate.

The lines on the head show the fate.

We have often heard people say that human fate is hidden in the lines. The lines tell about the fate of human beings. Whether those lines are on the hand or on the head, but the importance of both lines is different. So today we will tell you about the headlines in this article.
Friends should tell you that the lines on the head have different significance. All the lines on the head are linked to the destiny of man. It is important to know what the lines on the head mean? So today in this article we will tell you some important and most important things about the lines on the head. Which is very important to say. Because even if you have a line on your head.

First line : The first line on the head is much nearer to the net and is called the positive line. That being said, if it looks as clear and clear as the line, it shows that the person's financial condition is very good. According to astrology, it is said that if the line is short or small, its life will fluctuate economically.
Second line : The line that the nanny has and the line after her is called the second line. It is believed that this line is health. If astrology is considered to be a line that is deep and clear, then man is quite healthy. If it is light and thin then a man remains ill. If the line is broken or up or down, it is a sign of a man being ill for a long time.

Third Line : If a third line is formed on the head, then it is called the line of destiny. This line is rarely made on people's heads. According to astrology, this line on the head of a human being shows the fate of man.

Fourth Line : There are very few people who have this line on their head. But people who have such a line on their head can see a lot of ups and downs in their lives. But after 40 years these people can have a lot of success and get a lot of wealth.

Fifth Line : It is said that if there is a fifth line on the head, a lot more lines appear on the head. Not only that, the lines on the head also bother. It is believed that people in the Fifth Line are living in tension with something. At times, it may even be that these people move on to abandonment and intoxication.

Sixth Line : The line directly above the nose is called the sixth line. According to astrology, people along such lines are invariably elevated. Because above it divine grace is made forever.

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