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Stop eating these 5 things… then look no fat and no more exercise.

Never eat five things, then watch the fat not rise to 5%
Each man's eating habits are different. Many people eat for their own physical balance. So many people eat only for food and taste. Whatever our eating habits are, there are many factors that depend on our daily diet, what we eat and the environment around us.

Nowadays, the influence of fast food has increased greatly through people's TV. Every day we know and inadvertently eat a lot of things we do not know about its loss. Which is a very detrimental factor for our cehad.
Rapid weight gain, chest pains, stomach upset, persistent false thoughts in our brain, excessive sluggishness, feeling tired, suddenly having multiple diseases on our skin, sleepless nights, weakness in eyes, blood pressure, blood pressure, diabetes, diabetes, Also kidney related diseases are only caused by the bad thing in our diet.

Today we will know in this article five things that are harmful to our health and should not be consumed. We will also know about how much we should eat if we eat all these things.

1 Rice :
If we eat rice at a hot day, nothing is wrong. But many people have such a habit that overnight rice can be eaten in the morning or the next day at any time.
The next day, the rice turns out to be far more harmful than we think. When the rice is ripe and later becomes cold, Bacillus cereus begins to spread.

Insects are spread over cold temperatures as they are kept at normal temperatures. Then the rice can be heated as often but it remains poisonous afterwards. This toxic substance does not get out of it. Eating that rice can cause food poisoning. Food poisoning causes problems like vomiting, stomach upset, gas, headaches etc. And our bodies also feel lacking in strength. Therefore, the rice must always be eaten hot.

2. Tea and Coffee :
Indeed, tea and coffee are very harmful to our health. Especially when we are simply fathers. The longest time our stomach is empty is at night. Our stomach is empty in the morning, leaving our stomach empty throughout the night. That is why it is advisable to get up in the morning to drink two to three glasses of water first.
But for those who simply drink tea and coffee, they have high levels of acid in their body. It also increases the problem of hyper acidity, gas, cough, darkening of the skin, hair loss. Because of the high amount of caffeine in tea, we gradually get used to it. It should be morning or night, but you should not drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach. That action is similar to directly burning our stomachs.

Drinking tea does not benefit our body in any way. Even if we add sugar to tea, it has a tenfold effect. By drinking a cup of tea during the day, our body causes more than 50 nausea.

3. Soda and Coldrink :
Soda and cold drinks contain excessive sugar and harmful chemicals. When we talk about nutrients, there is no such benefit, but their deficiency is immense. Everyone knows that drinking soda and cold drinks increases both our fat and fat. The fat increased by it has a greater impact on our organs.
Our digestion also weakens. One Richter has found that people who drink more soda and cold drinks get the phosphoric acid found in cold drinks, so we tend to feel older than the original age.

4. Pickle :
If we eat sauce, etc. along with the food we eat daily, it increases both our taste and our interest in eating. It is one of the things that should be consumed in very small quantities. Because pickles are thus beneficial to us, but if consumed in excess, they prove to be very fatal to our health.
In fact, a lot of spices are used to make the pickles. Bright spices, salt, oils contain high amounts of sodium. Which raises our blood pressure and cholesterol. Because of the bad taste of pickles, it can lead to closed nose, sore throat, skin related disease etc. That is why pickles should be eaten occasionally and in small quantities. And never pickle excessive pickles together.

5. Oils :
Oil is the main ingredient for every kind of meal. So first of all it is a question that Q oil is good for our health and Q oil is bad for us. When we talk about harmful oils, soybean oil is a detrimental factor. Because soybean oil is not conducive to our digestive system at all. And the phytoestrogens are high in it.
Excessive intake of soybean oil and everything else in soybean increases the amount of phytoestrogen. Which has a detrimental effect on the body's hormones, both female and male. Hormonal disturbances can also cause problems with the thyroid to the latent disease and female reproductions. That is why there are so many oils such as mustard or coconut oils instead of soybeans.

Note : Thinking a lot about these five things can put us at risk for good health.

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