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Make this thing at home and consume it so that the tea does not fall into the dark

Friends love the look of everyone, and there are many ways to do it. So if you too are trying to make your skin look clean, beautiful and healthy, we will tell you about a special recipe. Which will add four moons to your skin. Yes friends, we are talking about smudy. You do not have to buy anything to make smoothies. Because that item will be available in your home. By using the things you have in the home, you can easily create and save on the cost of a parlor outside for the skin.
Smoothie means mixing three to four things together and drinking it. It makes our skin very beautiful and removes any skin that has a disease. This is why blending of fruits and other things is made smoother whose intake is very useful for our skin.

Getting clean and beautiful skin is very difficult because of today's lifestyle, food and pollution environment. Such pollution causes many skin, acne and skin problems on our skin. This is why we do not get clean, beautiful and healthy skin. Today we will tell you about a few dermatological recipes that will help you to cleanse your skin, as well as get rid of many skin diseases.
A smoked smoothie recipe of bananas and oats.

Content. Four - bananas, two cups - coconut water, one tablespoon - honey, 1/4 cup - oats, one tablespoon - vanilla essence, 4 - 5 strings - saffron.

How to Make Smoothie : First add bananas, oats, honey, coconut water, vanilla essence and saffron in a liquid jar and mix well. After mixing in the liquid, drain the smoothie in a glass. Then consume it.
This smoked recipe is very tasty. Its use will clear up your skin related problems like acne, scars etc. and also start to shine on the skin. This smoked banana and oats recipe has a lot of nutrients and it helps to clear the skin. These nutrients such as vitamin C, carbohydrates, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber, sodium and water, are found in calories, etc.

Smoothie recipe of strawberries, bananas and rosemary.

Ingredients : two cups - almond milk, three tablespoons rosemary, one cup - strawberry, one - banana, four - fresh rose petal, small spoon - vanilla essence, honey - to taste.

Smoothie recipe: Firstly almond milk, rosemary, strawberry, banana, rose petal, vanilla essence in a mixer and mix well. Now, after mixing it, remove it in a clean glass and consume it.

This smoothie recipe not only tastes delicious but also benefits your skin. You can get rid of a number of skin problems by daily smudging. This smoothie recipe has many nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E6, carbohydrates, protein, phosphorus, fiber, and it works to exfoliate the skin.

Strawberry and banana smoked recipe.

Ingredients: one banana, one table spoon - honey, one cup - strawberry,

How to Make Smoothie: Mix bananas, strawberries and honey in a jar of mint, then mix it. This smoked recipe contains vitamin C, fiber, sodium, phosphorus, as well as many other nutrients that are beneficial to the skin.

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