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Just doing this will not stop you from being successful

"Success" is a word nowadays that people are most likely to follow. But reaching success is a problem. To solve this problem, we are going to introduce to you the six steps of success in the book "The Way to Success" written by Napoleon Hill. The name of Napoleon Hill is famous in the world of success. Hardly anyone who has not heard the name of Napoleon Hill.
Napoleon Hill who was born in a poor family in southwestern Virginia. Born in a wooden cabin in a wooden cabin, poverty was clearly visible from the very poor face of Napoleon Hill. Written by Napoleon Hilde, who came from such an area, there are 3 steps that can be taken in the lives of everyone.
In a nutshell, if one reads these 14 steps accurately then one can be sure of its success.
Step - 1 [Make a Target in Life]
Make any single goal or target in life. If you create a target, you will know which direction to go. Otherwise life will be like a lamb in a flock. Not only is it important to create a larger target in life, you can also create a smaller target (6 years, 6 months, or 6 weeks). Completing a small target will give you the confidence to complete the big target.

Today's youth does not have a specific target, the same is the problem of today's youth. If you ask for 5% of people today, only 3% of those people are able to speak their target objectively and even 5% of them may be living out their target lifestyle.
Step - 2 [Confidence]
Every human being must have faith and faith in himself to succeed. But in the present times this is the opposite. Every student here is also requesting God after the exam that God should pass. The graduate student is also praying that God may provide a good job. What does this situation imply? Lack of confidence.

Unless you have confidence in yourself, no other person can have faith or confidence in you. Respect, wealth and power can be found without accident and without invitation if you have faith or belief in yourself.

Man's entire power lies within him. Man just needs to look at it with a sense of confidence. Napoleon Hill writes something about confidence. "Believe in yourself to do something great. You can force others to believe in you by believing in yourself. ”Be confident that you are the most important person in the world. The flow of immense power flows within you. Within you lies all the latent forces that make you successful and yours

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Some examples of confidence.
  • Gandhiji followed the path of truth and non-violence as long as he believed in himself.
  • Dhirubhai Ambani is the founder of Reliance today working on a petrol pump.
  • Abraham Link started living from a wooden hut and went to the White House and stopped.
  • Henry Ford was born as a poor farmer's son. Today is the founder of Ford Motors.
Now you have to ask what do you want? Why don't you decide, and then get out and take it. - Napoleon Hill.
Step-3 [Self-reliance]
Self-reliance means being dependent on oneself…. That is, something is your responsibility that you have to work on. Self-reliance is the responsibility or the task that you must do before anyone tells you to do so.

Today's young people are lacking in self-reliance. Talking to elders, find your clothes, organize your books, sit down and eat time and again. It is a mistake to hope for success as long as the common man is not confident in himself and self-reliant on his work.

Imagination is an important step in the path to success. Every imagination must be used by every human being. By imagination, every human being can fulfill its desires if imagination does not come through…. No, this cannot happen…. Find the imagination in the things that appear around you. The idea is the power of imagination. Not just make the imagination a common desire in your life but implement it as a great process. Want to have such a great process that you have to build your life to fulfill.

It is said in "The SECRET BOOK" that when you ask for something, you demand the inner mind and the outside mind. The whole universe pulls that thing towards you. That's why success is such an important part of life
Step - 4 [cheers]
Napoleon Hill also considers enthusiasm an important factor.

Enthusiasm makes your work just as light as a feather flying in the air. And relieves fatigue, frustration, or sluggishness.

If you dislike your work, it will be heavy on you, but if you show enthusiasm in your work, you will become a master of it. Whether your job is a government job, a private job, a small shop, a big company or even a tea lorry.

If you put the time and energy into your work with enthusiasm, your work will become a video you like. For example, many examples can be taken, but if we talk about common man onijs, in Gujarat, many tea-makers, nephews, even small ones, have a higher income than those who do a good job and live a good life in a car, a good home and society. Passes…

It is not their success, but the journey from where they started to succeeding is exciting.

This enthusiasm might be waking up early in the morning, giving the customer the best service possible, maybe even having a little pride of being ahead of his competitors.

If there is any area of ​​life to be proficient in, then enthusiasm also requires that as many souls as are necessary and confident.
Step - 5 [Action]
Here action is a work which is a work that is done on a continuous basis, with infinite passion and hard work. All great things are easily accomplished - what counts is years of preparation, hours and moments. Thomas Alva Edison took 5 minutes to prove the value of the light from the fire, but he spent his entire life in search of the best filament.

The Way to Success The Way to Conflict When this conflict is small, complete it with full attention. When the moment of success comes, you will be ready. And then you will have the invaluable legacy of the struggle and the confluence of success.

You will find many obstacles throughout the course of life - frequent failures will try to give you a glimpse, but remember that whatever obstacles you go through and get out of them are the result of numerous actions you take. We understand the true significance of the action taken.
Step - 6 [automation]
By this sign Napoleon Hill says that man's control over himself transcends all plans. A successful man may have succeeded in five years of his life or succeeded in six years, but he may have succeeded at the very foundation of certain self-control. So how is it that any man can bring self-control? In today's modern age, the kind of person who can control himself is rarely seen.

Nowadays, a person chooses not to eat junk food or fast food, but he gets off the road due to lack of self control.

Self-control is also essential for success, because success is sometimes required before success, but it is important to recognize that failure.

Napoleon Hill says that just like a horse is trained to move, a common man has to teach his mind and body to move.

Moreover, I have never won anything without my hard work and my best decision exercise and special planning work. Self-control is essential to success and a successful life.
Step - 7 [Work out of a salary]
Nowadays the question to all employers or youths is the question, “How much is your celery? How much salary do you have in your hands? "

Employers also often ask the same question to some other colleagues. An even more important question than this question is, how much time do you devote to the work you do? Do you really do your work with enthusiasm or hard work? Do you really like your work?

Well, no one is asking such questions as everyone is interested in their own salary. This does not mean that you are not interested in salary, nor desire for proper celery, but if celery matters and you take the attitude that my work is the best, not only celery will increase your confidence, experience and your mind.

Step - 8 [Attractive personality]
Attractive personality means you are often wrong if you compare it to something like expensive clothes, expensive boots, watches, mobiles. Yes, expensive and good clothes can appeal to the outside personality, but the inner personality makes us more attractive.

A simple yet clean wardrobe, properly cleaned boots, simple yet timely watches, a simple mobile conversation and inexpensive pen in your pocket are perfect for your outdoor personality. If you want to make your personality aromatic, then sprinkling a few aromas of perfume will also require the aroma of your inner self, confidence, strong morale, strong body and reading speech.

Even if you are now in a simple wardrobe, if you have the brilliance of your inner personality it doubles the brightness of your outer personality. So always focus on your external personality as much as you focus on your external personality.

Step - 9 [Get accurate.]
The right idea is to shape your future destiny. Unless you adopt accurate thinking into life, you cannot improve your standard of living.

All the discoveries in the world are often unsuccessful at the beginning, but with the inventor having an accurate idea behind it, the quest is successful. All the big businesses in the world are also the result of accurate thinking. Whether it is Reliance, Tata, Adani, Wipro or Infosys. Even if a man is not accurate in his opinion, his words do not reach the person in front.

So be a good thinker, if not today you will succeed tomorrow.

Step-10- [Concentration]
The only concern of today's parents, teachers and elders is that students are not maintaining concentration. He does not concentrate on studying, but yes, he is concentrated on mobile or social media. This question is not only of the students but also of the youth, maids and business class.

Do not expect to be adept at concentration the first time you try it. First, learn to concentrate on the small things you do, such as cutting a pencil, wrapping a packet in paper, writing the address on a letter, etc. This wonderful art of perfecting what you have started is a way to bring perfection, to make it a habit to combine it with everything you do, no matter how small it may be. The first thing you will know is that this will become a regular habit and you will do it automatically without any effort. The importance of such small habits lies between success and failure.

Concentration is of utmost importance in this step of success as without concentration one cannot take any action or decision properly.

Step - [11 conviction]
This step after accurate thinking involves conviction, conviction is a much needed step. With conviction, we can deliver any work to its end. Delaying a task can help us avoid the lack of conviction by taking steps such as accurate thinking and concentration.

If today's young people plan to do any work with conviction, they will surely get success tomorrow, if not today.

Step - 12 - [Learning from failure.]
It is said that a success comes from going through a hundred failures, yes, that does not mean that every time you get success after a hundred failures, you have to face failure while success, but remember that no failure is permanent but every failure has to go through. We have to find a way. In this way we can also use failure as a weapon of success.

Thus, failure is a process that brings out the true nature of human beings. It reveals what nature really is. "Don't hate failure. Thank God for giving you the right to test you under their weight.

Step - 13 - [Tolerance]
This is a strength that can be changed many times in the world if used properly. Remove an unborn child from his / her parents immediately after his birth and raise him / her in a modern environment in a cultured environment.

One thing to remember is that it is best not to condemn something that you have not examined enough. Because this habit is the conclusion of a brain that is uneven and ruled by the eastern planet.

If you do not have to condemn those who do not like you, be careful not to read your complaint but write them down and write them in a place that can be taken as soon as the situation gets better.

Step - 14 - [Applying the Golden Rule]
The Golden Rule is the thing by which to adjust the next 5 steps and observe it in life, with the power and achievement of it and move forward in life. A person can take the next 5 steps under his control, but if he fails to guide his efforts by step 1, he cannot achieve lasting success.

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