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Japanese Girls' Beauty Secret This Ayurvedic Lap, if you make it at home, will stay young for 60 years without wrinkles

Friends Japanese women's skin is very beautiful and shiny. Even though it is 3 in age, it seems to be 3 when we look in India, the beauty of women cannot last much longer. That is why she has to show her beauty by artificial makeup.
While Japanese women have beautiful skin they never need a beauty parlor. His face is always glowing and blinking. There is also some Ayurvedic treatment behind it that Japanese women still use Ayurvedic methods such as Ayurvedic made facemasks and oil massages. So that it looks beautiful and younger in age.
So today we came up with a Japanese woman's beauty secret facemask that you can make at home and also make your skin look beautiful and radiant. The use of which will make your skin look even longer. So let's know the Secret Facemask of Japanese women.

Friends you may have seen the Japanese on TV and in real if you look at his face you do not see any scars or wrinkles on his face. Not only that, but as stated earlier, these people look young even when they are old. So are those people using anything special? Will he be doing facials daily?

But friends should tell you that none of this is the reason but they use rice and its facemask made on their faces. This has been happening for centuries. So you too can look like Japanese by using this facemask. Can make your face spotless and clean as well.

Japanese women make very effective masks using rice and use it. Friends The specialty of this facemask is that you can create it at home as well as using the materials you find easily in your kitchen. So let's know some materials are needed as well as how to create this facemask.

Materials Required for Making Japanese Beauty Secret Facemask : 

  • One handful of rice,
  • half glass of milk,
  • Four teaspoons of honey,

How to Make a Japanese Beauty Secret Facemask :

  • Soak a handful of rice in a glass of water for half an hour.
  • Then it is to cook the rice with water. Put it on the gas and let it boil.
  • Boil the rice in water for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • After ten minutes, squeeze the rice into water and separate both the rice and the water.
  • Now heat up a glass of milk that we had in a pan.
  • The milk will have to be boiled until a boil arrives. After a boil comes off, turn off the gas. Stir the milk after boiling and allow it to cool slightly. Don't let it cool down just let it cool until it is very dry.
  • Now we have rice, honey, rice water and boiled milk in the water.
  • Now you have to prepare a paste. For this, add half a glass of milk in boiled rice in water and make it like a paste by using a spoon, then add a spoon of honey and mix it properly and make a paste.
  • Then apply this paste on the face and rub it on the face until the paste is dry.

Now after drying the paste, you do not have to use plain water to wash the face but you have to wash the face with the water that was used after the rice was boiled.

Rice water contains a good amount of antioxidants which removes the scars on our face and brightens our skin. It also removes dead skin. It also cleanses the facial ROM holes. And prevents wrinkles in the face. Using this face mask will add four moons to the beauty of your face.

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