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Nowadays, even if we are going out of a college or school, the boys studying are very fond of smoking cigarettes. Older people, including younger ones, also smoke. But at one time the addiction seemed so severe that the consuming person had to quit but could not quit. But today we will tell you a few tips in this article about tips to help you quit smoking. And if you smoke cigarettes or even smoking yourself, you can get rid of them with these remedies.
But lately people have used e-cigarettes to quit cigarette addiction. But the research was done by the government and it turned out that e-cigarettes also have a very detrimental effect on our body. Due to this, the government has also banned e-cigarettes. Apart from this, the import and export of e-cigarettes has also been banned for sale.So today we will tell you about home remedies for quitting cigarettes, whereby you can easily quit cigarettes, and even if someone in your home consumes cigarettes, you can quit them as well.

The first remedy is honey and cinnamon: Cigarette and tobacco intake can cause lung cancer, oral cancer and other deadly diseases. But if the cinnamon is finely powdered and made into a powder by mixing it with honey, then making this paste whenever you want to smoke a cigarette. Within a few days, you will feel addicted to it.

Then comes tamarind and ginger: Mix tamarind and ginger paste to make it. Then add lemon and salt to it. Mix well and pack in a container and keep it in the pocket at all times. Whenever it is desired to smoke cigarettes. Put this paste in the mouth.

Green and tried: Mix equal quantity of powdered green and green powder and then mix in half the amount of powdered powder, then add lemon to it and keep it at a normal temperature for one night. Then in the morning, as soon as it falls, it has to be roasted on a tawa, baked slowly, and continued to bake until the aroma is gone. The powder is supposed to cool down after the aroma has arrived. Then fill the mixture in an airtight compartment. Then take this powder along with cigarettes when desired.

Fruit Juice: Fruit juice is very effective for removing cigarette and tobacco tubes. Fruit juices like Kareen Mosambi, Santara, Dewaks are especially helpful.

Then there is the onion juice: If you want to quit cigarette addiction, you should consume four tablespoons of onion juice daily. This remedy has a lot of impact. Then, in the morning, get two glasses of lemonade with warm water and mix it with honey and drink it.

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