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Before bathing, mix only two things in oil and apply it in the hair, the hair will become very strong and beautiful

Friends Today we have brought a cure for hair that using it will make the hair strong enough to break even. Not only this, but also other hair problems will be solved. As your hair becomes weird, this treatment will solve every problem if your hair has acne problems. In addition, if your hair is dry and the color is dull, it will also improve. If you do this therapy for a week, you will see a difference and you will start to use it regularly. There are only four things you can do to cure this.
This treatment is very easy and not too expensive. The contents will also look cool with three oils. To make this treatment one nail onion If your hair length is normal then one onion and if you have long hair then you need to take two to three nude onions. But when it comes to the pink color, take the onion.
One spoon of aloe vera gel should be used if hair length is longer then two spoon aloevera gel should be used. The length of your hair should be according to the castor oil. If there is a normal length, a large tablespoon and a longer one, you can use more stitching.
How To Make Therapy : 
  • First remove the onion sprouts. 
  • Now the onion has to be peeled so that the onion juice is drained.
  • After slicing the onion, the juice left in it is to be melted. Now you have no use of onion in this recipe so you can use it on any other place in the cooking. We only need onion juice if needed.  
  • Now add the aloe vera gel after you have consumed the onion juice. Now shake the two and mix well.
  • Now finally you have to add oil. After adding the oil, mix it properly by shaking it.
  • Now our therapy is ready to be applied to the hair. But know that there are different ways to apply it and wash it.
Apply it to your hair like this :  

  • First split your hair into two equal parts. Now start applying this oil to the root of the hair. First apply the root with the finger and then apply the following hair. Particularly the bottom of our hair is getting worse so don't forget to apply it there. 
  • After applying the hair, add a buckle to your hair.
  • Now you have to keep the oil for at least two hours. 
  • After two hours, wet the hair first with water. \
  • Then add shampoo to it. After washing the shampoo, rinse it with water. 
  • Now cover your hair with a towel so the water is dry.
  • Now after a few minutes you will see the result when your hair is dry. Your hair will be smoother, silky and stronger.
Both women and men can adopt this therapy. If men wash their hair daily, then they can apply this treatment daily. When women wash their hair only two to three times a week, women should do this experiment three times before bathing. If you do not get the time three times, then you have to do this experiment at least twice.

Now we know what the specialty of this oil is and in some ways it is effective for our hair. So friends, our first ingredient is onions, so onions are full of sulfur which helps to grow our hair. In addition it has an antifungal property which nourishes our hair. There is also an antioxidant that removes dandruff from our hair and does not allow it to happen again. It also strengthens our hair.

Now another thing is the aloe vera gel which removes the dryness of our hair. We have taken the oil of castor, which will help to increase the length of the hair as well as strengthen the root of our hair. So that the hair will also become stronger. If this experiment is done regularly, the hair will not only be perfectly healthy but also will be smooth and beautiful.

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