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Jio Diwali Dhamaka Offer

The transition to the digital society of India has really begun. This change is unique in both the scale and the substances world. To ensure its full success, we must ensure that no Indian is excluded from the fruits of the digital revolution. In today's interconnected world, a reasonable internet is a basic necessity of human beings and human beings have the basic right as bread, clothing and house. This brought Jio Data Service into the reach of needy Indians along with voice calling in India.

Jio Diwali Dhamaka Offer : Jio Phone 2 Only 699rs
Whereas non-Jio operators pay GBP for poor quality of 2G data. While charging more than 500, Jio has provided fully 4G network with the highest quality data at the most reasonable data charges. Jio also made available the cheapest 4G-capable smartphone in the world to ordinary Indians

Every Indian is proud that Jio smartphone is the only smartphone made in India, by Indians, for Indians and with Indian operating system! At Rs.1,500, the JioPhone comes at a cost of 25% less than the cheapest smartphone available in the market.

JIO Diwali Offer
Since its launch, some 70 million 2G users have been brought to the JioPhone platform for the first time, which has received a wide range of digital services. Even so, the dream of Digital India is still to come true.
Because of this, 35 million Indians with 2G networks still do not have smartphones. They are among the most disadvantaged people in our country, for whom the low price of a geophone is not fair. These 35 million 2G users now have a difficult choice, who have to quit data services or pay a higher data rate for poor quality 2G data.

They neither get the benefit of a free voice call, nor can they access the Internet.
So Jio has taken an even bigger step in making total digital inclusion of all Indians. Today, Jio has introduced a special one-time offer called the JioPhone Diwali 2019 Offer.

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