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GSRTC Gujarat ST vibhag na karmchario na pagar ma vadharo

Gandhinagar: The state government has given Diwali gift to 12,692 employees working on all the pay and fix salaries of Gujarat Road Transport Corporation. The salaries of employees have been increased by the government. Announcing from the government on the issue, Nitin Patel said that the presentation made by the Department of Vehicles on the issue of salary increase of ST employees has been approved by the government. This will benefit all the employees working in the ST department.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said at a press conference that the salary of senior staffers of ST Class II has been increased from 16,800 to 40,000. While the salary of junior officer class 2 has been increased from 14,800 to 38,000. The salary of Supervisor Class 3 has been increased from Rs 14,500 to Rs 21,000.

It has been decided to increase the salary of the driver-conductor from 11 thousand to 18000. The salary of Class 4 employees has been increased from 9 thousand to 15 thousand. The new increase will go into effect today. Apart from this, the salary of employees working on fix pay in ST department has also been increased.

With an increase in salary, the ST corporation will have a burden of Rs 94 crore per year.

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