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Connect To A Wi-Fi Network Like This Without Giving Anyone A Password

The Internet has become a necessity for all of us today. Nowadays there will be a rare one who does not use the internet. Our data is sometimes used on our mobile phone and (Wi-Fi) is also used. There are also many people who have Wi-Fi installed at their home. This can be easily accessed by the Internet.
Connect To A Wi-Fi Network Like This Without Giving Anyone A Password

Sometimes our relative relatives in or around the office want access to Wi-Fi. On Wi-Fi, we have to give it a password too. It is not a good thing to give a password to anyone in this way, because sometimes our data is misused.So the easiest way to avoid this problem is that you do not have to give your password anymore when you connect anyone to your Wi-Fi network.

Nowadays we transfer money and also have QR codes on petrol pumps.Today you can share your password with QR code and your password can not be used by anyone else and connects easily to your Wi-Fi network.

First of all, you have to share the QR code. This process is very easy. Both Android and iOS users can make it very easily.The important thing is that there are several websites that change your Wi-Fi user name and password to QR code. From which you are very popular and to one of the two websites on

Step To Step Information: 

Step-1 above. Choose Wi-Fi network or WiFi login as an option.

Step-2 Here's the name of your Wi-Fi network in the SSID section.

Step-3: Enter your password in the given section Select the

Step-4 network. Usually Wi-Fi has a WPA.

Step-5 Now generate QR code and click on download.

Note : After downloading, you can keep a soft copy of the QR code or delete its print.Scanning your friends, your relatives can easily connect to your neighbors and you do not even need to enter a password.Most smartphones detect QR codes automatically from their phone's camera.

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