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Man Vs Wild : PM Modi On Discovery !!!

Man Vs Wild : PM Modi On Discovery !!!

Bear Grylls says ‘kill Modi if tiger comes’, Modi’s reply won the hearts of millions

The Discovery Channel has released a promo for a special episode of Man vs. Wild, which is going to air on August 12. The show will see Bear Grylls Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the forest. This episode of the show has been shot in the Northern Indian Himalayan foothills. In these forests there are creatures like lions, tigers, elephants, crocodiles and snakes. Meanwhile, people from all over the world are waiting for this special episode of Modi.
Man vs Wild: PM Modi’s comfort-level in jungle was surprising, says Bear Grylls

In the promo, Bayer says that I have come to India to shoot an episode. Bayer also says that even though Modi is the leader of the largest democracy in the world, only the forest rule is here.

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Beyer, who bears Modi, says that if a tiger comes to you, kill him with this spear. However, Modi replied that it was not my culture. My sacraments do not permit me to kill. On this answer Bayer wants the bears back. So Modi says that I will keep it to myself.

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PM Modi will also talk about the environment during the show. This episode will be shown in many countries around the world. It will be broadcast in 8 Indian languages.